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Automatic Hospital Doors

EXODOOR Hospital Doors are systems comprised of an antibacterial body that is designed specifically for the healthcare industry. Thanks to the profile system, sealing feature has an effective structure for sterile areas. In order to maintain the protection of sterile areas, opening of the door is provided via a hands-free sensor or a button placed onto the walls.


Technical Specifications
Supply 80 V - 250 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz.
Motor 24 V 65 W DC Brushless Motor
Electronic Control Unit Mikroprocessor
Current to be Drawn  2.0 A
Operating Temperature -20º C / +50º C
Capasity 150 kg x 1 (single wing) / 120 kg x 2 (double wings)
Pulley System Reinforced 3 pieces of plastic (delrin) wheel
Transmisson Trigger Belt
Opening Speed 200 - 500 mm / sec (adjustable)
Closing Speed 200 - 500 mm / sec (adjustable)
Hold-Open Time 0 - 9 sec (adjustable)
Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS (optional)
Impact Function The system is engaged and reopens the door during any obstacle impact


 Door Functions

  • Maximum sealing, minimum noise
  • Ability to open without any body or organ contact
  • Undetectability feature of door hand sensor from a distance of 5 cm
  • Antibacterial body feature
  • Surveillance band feature
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