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Telescopic Automatic Sliding Doors

EXODOOR Telescopic Sliding Door System is an ideal solution for narrow entrances. With this system, the sliding wings are opened onto each other with a relative velocity. Telescopic sliding doors that are opened onto each other through the sliding wings eliminate the problem of passage for entrances where other sliding door systems cannot provide necessary passing cavity. Telescopic sliding door units have been developed in order to facilitate buildings’ exterior and interior entries at the widest opening. Telescopic sliding doors with their operating style are a great solution, where the space is not available for a normal sliding door.

Provides different options through one-way or two-way opening possibility.

Technical Specifications
Supply 80 V - 250 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz.
Motor 24 V 65 W DC Brushless Motor
Electronic Control Unit Mikroprocessor
Current to be Drawn 2.0 A
Operating Temperature -20º C / +50º C
Capasity 150 kg x 1 (single wing) / 120 kg x 2 (double wings)
Pulley System Reinforced 3 pieces of plastic (delrin) wheel
Transmisson Trigger Belt
Opening Speed 200 - 500 mm / sec (adjustable)
Closing Speed 200 - 500 mm / sec (adjustable)
Hold-Open Time 0 - 9 sec (adjustable)
Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS (optional)
Impact Function The system is engaged and reopens the door during any obstacle impact



Standard and Optional Specifications 
Remote Control Standard  
Safety Photocell Standard  
Active and Passive microwave sensors Standard  
Fingerprint Control   Optional
Coded Keypad and Proximity   Optional
Special Color Satin + Anodized   Optional
Stainless Steel Applications   Optional
Special Color Glass   Optional


 Door Functions 

  • The door can be left completely open
  • The door can be left completely closed
  • Cancellation of one of the inner or outer sensors
  • Keeping the door %50 open (Winter position)
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LCW - Vialand Forum Mersin - ADILIŞIK Kilis Görkem Restaurant