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Manual Revolving Doors

EXODOOR Manual Revolving Doors are the doors of an economical solution that can provide energy saving and prestige at building entrances. Use of an electrical energy does not require an air curtain. One of the most important features of Manual Revolving Doors is that they can be converted into an Automatic Revolving Door at any time.

EXODOOR Manual Revolving Doors with the size of diameter and height that can be changed in line with original design, rich material options and the project leads to be an always preferred model in architectural context.

As well as EXODOOR Revolving Doors are available in 3 or 4-wing door models, number of wings can be identified upon request of the customers and according to the specifications of the place of application. While 3-wing models are creating a larger partitioned space, four-wing models provide a wider mouth opening.

Technical Specifications
Fixed Curved Glass 4 + 4 mm Laminated Glass
Wing Glasses 8 mm Tampered Glass
Wing Handles Vertical or Horizontal Rust - Free Pipe Handle
Lighting Energy Saving Spot / Led Lighting
Locking Manual Espagnolette Lock
Sealing %100 Horsehair Brush



Standard and Optional Specifications
Electrostatic Powder Coating Standard  
Special Color Satin + Anodized   Optional
Special Color Glass   Optional
Stainless Steel Application   Optional
Night Shield   Optional
Air Curtain   Optional




4 +4 mm curved and laminated transparent glass in fixed wings and 8 mm transparent tempered glass in movable wings are used as standard. However, fixed wing 5 +5 mm curved and laminated glass for fixed wings and 10 mm transparent tempered glass for movable wings can easily be applied upon request. Also it is possible to use all kinds of colorful and reflective colorful glasses as optional.


EXODOORRevolving Door wings are made of 100% aluminum and consist of specially designed profile system and 100% horsehair brush surrounding these profiles in order to get the maximum efficiency from revolving doors. The unique profile system used in the wings provides an extra stylish view as well as robustness in EXODOOR Revolving Door systems.


Product Images
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