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Automatic Revolving Doors

EXODOOR Automatic Revolving Doors are not just an entrance door but actually the first point of the prestige of the buildings. Revolving Doors, while providing comfort and energy savings on the one hand, they are impressive entrance solutions that create a strong impression for buildings on the other hand.


The difference of the EXODOOR Automatic Revolving Doors from Manual Revolving Doors are the sensors available in the entrance and exit points. They are the most convenient products that are rotated by a motor mechanism and equipped with intelligent security systems providing energy savings  as well as safety and security for human passage.


EXODOOR Automatic Revolving Doors are available with 2, 3 or 4 wings. In particular, double-wing Revolving Doors are an ideal solution with the widest possible internal volume where people need to carry luggage and other bulky items. While 3-wing models are creating a larger partitioned space, four-wing models provide a wider mouth opening. If the passage (3/4), will be provided for bulky items or for a wheelchair, the diameter should be 3000 mm or above.


Technical Specifications
Supply 220 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz.
Motor AC Motor
Control Unit Schneider Electric
Operating Temperature -20º C / +50º C
Identifier Control Proximity Sensor 4 Point Reading
Fixed Curved Glasses 4 + 4 mm Laminated Glass
Wing Glasses 8 mm Tempered Glass
Wing Arms Vertical or Horizontal Rust - Free Pipe Handle
Operating Speed Nominal 14 sec/1 Turn
Lighting Energy Saving Spot / Led Lighting
Locking Manual Espagnolette Lock / Electromagnetic Motor Lock
Sealing %100 Horsehair Brush
Emergency Stop Mushroom Button



Standard and Options Specifications
Elderly / Disabled Passing Button Standard  
Hand Pinch Points Safety Pneumatics Standard  
Toe Protection Safety Pneumatics Standard  
Extra Safety Sensors   Optional
Curtain Sensors   Optional
Electrostatic Powder Coating Standard  
Special Color Satin + Anodized   Optional
Special Color Glass   Optional
Stainless Steel Application   Optional
Night Shield   Optional
Break Out System   Optional
Motion Sensors Standard  
Standard Mode Standard  
Night Mode Standard  
Air Curtain   Optional
Under Floor Mechanism Application   Optional



Safety System

EXODOOR Automatic Revolving Door’s safety systems provide a perfect protection against all kinds of accidents that are likely to occur.

Any squeeze is out of the question between the wing and the fixed material with standard vertical pneumatics over the fixed materials towards the door’s rotation direction and besides this, with vertical line sensing point detectors placed on the canopy again according to door’s rotation direction that are provided in line with optional project requirements.


There are laterally mounted pneumatic systems with respect to the rotation direction of the lower parts of the revolving door wings in order to ensure protection inside of the door. This pneumatics prevent damage to the persons inside by immediately blocking the door in case of any slightest contact. Curtain safety sensors that can be applied in addition to the pneumatic system and mounted on top of wings with respect to rotation direction prevent any contact of the rotation direction of the door wing with a person or an object.

Elderly / Disabled Passing System

Elderly or Disabled passing system consists of a button and systems connected to this button. Pressing the button once will decrease the speed of rotation of the movable wings and elderly and disabled people can pass safely through the door.

Emergency Button

EXODOORAutomatic Revolving Doors also have an emergency stop system. The system has an emergency button and a system connected to this button. In case of an emergency, door stops immediately when the button is pressed and automatic revolving door can be used manually. In this way, the door wings can be moved by hand.


4 +4 mm curved and laminated transparent glass in fixed wings and 8 mm transparent tempered glass in movable wings are used as standard. However, fixed wing 5 +5 mm curved and laminated glass for fixed wings and 10 mm transparent tempered glass for movable wings can easily be applied upon request. Also it is possible to use all kinds of colorful and reflective colorful glasses as optional.


EXODOORRevolving Door wings are made of 100% aluminum and consist of specially designed profile system and 100% horsehair brush surrounding these profiles in order to get the maximum efficiency from revolving doors. The unique profile system used in the wings provides an extra stylish view as well as robustness in EXODOOR Revolving Door systems.



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